Public Benefit Organizations (PBOs)
Name of CSO
Registration date
Brief purpose & objectives of the organization
Bhutan Centre for Media & Democracy (BCMD)
-To contribute for building a culture for democracy by promoting quality media, media literacy, strengthen discourse, research and educational activities on media & democracy.
The Loden Foundation
-To promote education and learning among youth; build up entrepreneurial skills among unemployed but serious youth and promote interest-free loans;
-To promote Bhutanese culture & tradition in Bhutan and elsewhere; to undertake other charitable activities as allowed by Memorandum of understanding
RENEW (Respect, Educate, Nurture & Empower Women)
-To address the needs of disadvantaged women and girls particularly victims of family violence and other forms of abuse
Bhutan Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAOWE)
-To develop a social consciousness driven private sector & women professionals and promote women entrepreneurs at the grassroots towards poverty reduction and self reliance, etc
Bhutan Youth Development Fund (BYDF)
-To ensure that all youth have equal access to education, meaningful employment and opportunities to develop their potential. Design programs to build leadership skills, encourage team-work and promote the value of service among youth. Encourage youth participation, raise awareness on youth issues & promote youth oriented policy through advocacy and strategic partnerships.
Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN)
-To protect & conserve Bhutan’s rich genetic species and ecosystem diversity
-Promote sustainable livelihood options in communities nationwide
-Promote research, environmental education and build capacity of Bhutanese people in conservation and sustainable management of Bhutan’s natural resources
-Establish & strengthen membership base through networks, support groups & partners.
Draktsho Vocational Training Centre for Special Children & Youth
-To raise awareness and advocate for the rights of disabled persons
-To enhance education & capacity of disabled persons
-To improve the quality of life and living conditions of disabled persons
-To facilitate communication, coordination & collaboration with relevant organizations within outside the country.
Tarayana Foundation
-To help the vulnerable and disadvantaged sections of society to help themselves
-To uplift, enhance and empower rural communities of the country
-Support vulnerable individuals to achieve greater socio-economic security; promote relevant artisan skills to enhance rural income; provide micro-finances in the core communities, etc
The Disabled Persons’ Association of Bhutan
-To raise awareness and advocate for the rights of disabled persons.
-To enhance education & capacity of disabled persons.
-To improve the quality of life and living conditions of disabled persons.
-To facilitate communication, coordination & collaboration with relevant organizations within outside the country.
-To network & provide support to all People Living With HIV Aids (PLWHA).
-To empower & capacitate all such people to participate fully in their treatment, care & prevention.
-To reduce stigma & discrimination by normalizing HIV/AIDS at all levels of society.
-To enhance greater participation of members & other stakeholders in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
-To increase access to resources by members through resource mobilization, grant making & management.
Royal Society for Senior Citizens
-Help senior citizens stay meaningfully engaged by providing peer counseling /transitioning/ adjusting to retired life; support information related to medical care, pilgrimage & religious pursuits, legal advice, financial matters; security during sickness and disability or lack of adequate means of livelihood,
Harness the experience and knowledge of member citizens for the benefit of society through advocacy & awareness; bridge gaps & build bridges between the young and old; bridge between the general public and the state; promote harmony among family, neighbors and community; provide and assist in legal advice to the needy; facilitate elderly citizens to lead dignified lives; assist in the protection and promotion of national culture and heritage (research and document history, past way of life & indigenous knowledge; revive oral story telling traditions); mobilize funds and strengthen its resource base & organizational structure to carry lawful & prudent investment of its capital & govern the judicious use and management of all its assets & resources to ensure the long sustainability of the RSSC and its programs in Bhutan.
Royal Textile Academy
-Provide a National Centre for professional training in weaving, design and production of Bhutanese textiles; develop scholarship programs for staff training & internships in conservation and museum studies; collect & document important textiles that are part of Bhutan’s cultural heritage; develop and showcase exhibitions for local & international venues; develop a conservation centre devoted to preservation & restoration of Bhutanese textiles and other artifacts; administer ongoing cultural & educational programs, workshops, study groups and lectures on Bhutanese culture and arts; act as a vital symbol of National Pride to bring international recognition for Bhutan’s artistic achievements.
Phuentsholing Sports Association
-To develop/promote sporting infrastructure in Phuentsholing region; coordinate with private & government entities to promote healthy sports activities; organize competitions/tournaments in various sports disciplines; encourage organizers/sponsors to further promote & develop sports competition; develop an ideal platform for the physical, mental and moral development of youth mindset in sports; contribute to the development of positive attitude and utilization of free time meaningfully in sports activities for physical fitness; develop preventive measures to combat anti-social behavior & habits through dissemination of knowledge on hazardous drug-abuse amongst youth & general public.
Menjong Foundation
-To help and inspire hopes with new approaches of poor people living in remote areas where medical services, schooling necessities and social-economic development aspects are lacking;
-providing to poor children scholarships, stationeries, school clothing and warm meals;
-health care & environmental protection wherever necessary; preservation of culture where ever necessary, complement and supplement socio-economic development, etc.
Ability Bhutan Society
-To advocate and enhance the quality of life for individuals with mental retardation, cerebral palsy autism and multiple disabilities and to function as a support group for parents & families of persons with disabilities etc.
Chithuen Phendhey Association
-Promoting recovery from alcohol and other drug related addiction through advocacy, education & service; to strive towards ending discrimination surrounding addiction and recovery, remove barriers to recovery, maintaining and sustaining recovery, providing services and support with dignity to people seeking recovery and affected families and thus rest reaming such affected people towards contributing meaningfully to socio-economic development of the country & GNH’ etc.
Lhomon Society
-Support activities devoted to creating opportunities for youth & keeping them meaningfully engaged; raising living standards, protecting and enhancing natural environment, strengthening communities, promoting Bhutan unique culture, stemming the rural-urban migration tide, fostering a cooperative, productive, entrepreneurial and self –reliant spirit based on GNH principles, etc.
SABAH (SAARC Business Association for Home-Based Workers)
-For the promotion of the welfare of home-based workers and their skills, providing them better facilities for self-sustained income & generation of employment and uplifting their economic opportunity, promote through participatory initiative the marketing of products to ensure sustained & adequate income and secured livelihood, etc.
Music of Bhutan Research Centre
-Conduct research, record, preserve, promote and teach traditional music of Bhutan and also Bhutan’s heritage of performing arts and music through the medium of audio, video, and photographic documentation, to rationalize traditional date with the help of modern research methods *  technology; promoting a research centre in the field of music, dance & drama; publish literature on  Bhutanese music (Zhundra, Boedra and Drukdra) and thus establish a Library & museum for such record keeping purposes, etc.
Rural Education Foundation
-Enable children from underprivileged * economically disadvantaged families to pursue higher education through support grants, foods and need-based tertiary scholarships in six eastern Dzongkhags; provide sponsorship to NFE learning youth to enroll in formal school education programs to foster an enlightened and educated society through clearance from Ministry of Education, etc..
Construction Association of Bhutan (CAB)
-To develop and promote the Bhutanese construction industry and to represent as a forum and as a collective voice for the construction industry in addressing specific problems and policy issues at the national, regional and international level, etc.
Bhutan Kidney Foundation
-To promote well-being of kidney patients in Bhutan; sensitize general public on kidney related diseases in coordination with relevant agency; to ensure all kidney patients have easy access to high quality, affordable care and rehabilitation services; to raise funds and facilitate support for basic needs of kidney patients and their families; to promote and facilitate legal organ donations and referrals for organ transplantation, etc.
GNH Centre Bhutan
-The Centre’s primary purpose is to manifest in living practice Bhutan’s unique and balanced development  philosophy which seeks to integrate equitable and sustainable socio-economic development with environmental conservation, cultural preservation & promotion, and good governance;
- To build a Centre with infrastructure and facilities that is able to cater services; to address national and global challenges; to launch GNH in action embodying and modeling the principles of GNH in every aspect of its design, functioning, activity and human interaction and to show how GNH can permeate every aspect of the fabric of Bhutanese society, etc.
Youth Media Centre
(Certificate of Registration is suspended by Anti-Corruption Commission vide reference No. ACC/Case- 06/2015/664 dated 18/06/2015)
-To assist with its programmes to solve unemployment and youth related issues, to create platform for youth to discover their talents, promote their skills and instill professionalism & excellence in their works, to create self-employment opportunity & enhance a healthy media culture and also to encourage the youths in participating in the programmes of centre to help them abstain them from indulging in socially unfriendly actions & crimes ultimately to promote Gross National Happiness.
Bhutan Animal Rescue and Care
-To promote the welfare and health of animals. To protect the welfare of animal in the broadest sense and also to promote the healthy co-existence of animals and humans and to stimulate the progression of a society based on GNH.
Jangsa Animal Saving Trust
-To Promote compassionate treatment for all sentient beings, care for rescued animals, to make enduring improvement to help animals, to inspire people to treat animals more compassionately and enlightened a happy society in Bhutan. To make Thimphu rabies free and stable dog population, to undertake other charitable activities.
Ogyen Choling Foundation
-To conserve and maintain the buildings, temples and structures which comprise the Ogyen Choling complex, to uphold its religious and traditional legacies, to maintain and manage a museum as an endeavor to educate visitors about Bhutan’ cultural and traditional heritage, to provide grants to disadvantaged families and individuals in times of need and to deserving children to pursue education or training at all levels etc.
Royal Society for Protection and Care of Animals
-To inculcate a sense of moral responsibility for proper care and human treatment of animals through increasing awareness on plight of animals in Bhutan, to educate proper animal care by way of demonstration and information dissemination.
-To create, install and promote amongst the public a sense of care, kindness and compassion towards animals, to establish and operate a strong and effective organization to provide effective relief to animals, maintain animal welfare centre etc.
Bhutan Transparency Initiative
-To diagnose corruption issues and use findings as reference to stimulate more informed debates and to formulate more projects on anti-corruptions.
-To build and support partnership and coalition of civil society organizations to fight corruption more effectively.
-To engage citizens and youth in promoting integrity more actively.
-To build governance foundations and operational structures
-To provide more opportunities and encourage stakeholders to take part actively in promoting integrity and in the fight against corruption etc.
Clean Bhutan
-To make zero waste Bhutan by 2030, by advocating behavioral changes of all Bhutanese Citizens.
-To change the citizens’ opinion and act to minimize waste by practicing the 6Rs (Rethink, Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Recover and Responsibility) etc.
-To support the community or individuals deprived of basic economic opportunities to break the cycle of poverty.
-To develop strategy to facilitate employment of youths deprived of basic economic opportunities through vocational and life skills training.
-To define conceptualize and implement new projects on direct communication with the beneficiary.
-To implement measure of humanitarian aid to victims who are in need of support due to natural or man-made disasters in accordance with the laws in force in the country etc.
Bhutan Media Foundation
-To Promote and sustain democracy by developing the Bhutanese media through transformational initiatives that promote professional journalism, engage communities and foster Freedom of Expression etc.
-To create opportunities for short & long term studies and training within & outside country.
-To support exchange programs and links with training institutions, professional associations, research centers etc.
-To support participations in seminars, workshops and conferences on issues related to the media etc.
Bhutan Cancer Society
-To promote cancer care and prevention through education, advocacy and research.
-To improve access to quality care and support to provide social, support psychological and financial support to people living with cancer etc.
-To enhance quality of life for terminal cancer patients through care and support.
-To make available most accurate cancer information for both health care provider and cancer patient.
-To optimize prevention of cancer in collaboration with national and international stakeholders through education, advocacy and research etc.
Bhutan Network for Empowering Women (BNEW)
-To establish and manage BNEW Secretariat which would include the resource cum service centre. A service centre for women to access and enhance knowledge and performance which would support and facilitate women’s participation in development, government, economy and public service.
- To build capacity of women and men to effectively engage in the development processes that advance gender equality.
- To provide coaching, mentoring and nurturing support to women through contextualization of international best practices in Mentor-Mentee programmes.
-To facilitate and enhance women’s leadership and representation in development and governance in Bhutan both in numbers and quality in all spheres.
- To promote gender equality in and through the media and in all areas of governance, as well as to  promote and depict women  and girls in empowered roles and positions and change mindsets in society to accept  female leadership etc.
 Bhutan Ecological Society
-To provide policy advisory to policy makers, government, citizen and create awareness through training, seminar, symposia, public fair and journal.
- To cross breed all sectors to share through research symposium, provide training, host public environmental fair and issue peer-reviewed journal.
Bhutan Toilet Organization
-To make clean toilet accessible for all and inspire behavioral change by building public awareness and citizen volunteerism.
-To advocate for sufficient public toilets in urban centres.
-To build and manage highway public toilets
-To design and promote inclusive toilets
-To manage public toilets during public events
-To audit institutional toilets and introduce toilet awards etc.
Nazhoen Lamtoen
-To help effective reintegration into the society following release of children and youth from prison, juvenile centres and other similar institutions including children in difficult circumstances and youths at risk of criminal involvement, who are disadvantaged either economically or socially.
-To encourage others to provide services to those in contact with or affected by the criminal justice system.
-To impart and promote responsible behavior towards society by the children and youth.
-To do all such other acts that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them etc.
The Gyalyum Charitable Trust
-To establish Chapters under the Trust to foster cooperation between RENEW, RTA and Chapters in pursuance of their aims, objectives and the plans: a) Gyalyum Scholarship Programme, b) Gyalyum Cultural Preservation Initiative, c) The Craft Gallery.
- To manage and co-ordinate the policies, programmes and inter-relate the organizations under the aegis of the Trust to complement each other.
- To identify and seek funding sources to collectively benefit and provide the required funding for the sustenance of the organizations under the Trust.
-To help the Children of the neediest families to continue education from the support of this programme etc.
- To help preserve cultural institutions as relevant and as per the Government Authority responsible for such cultural institutions.
- To Promote all forms of Bhutanese handicrafts and help in marketing the products.
Pel Drukdraling Foundation
-To support the Royal Government of Bhutan’s aim of creating a happy society and happy Bhutan & to in-still and promote community vitality.
- To build network of individuals and organizations with common interest, learn, share knowledge/experience for harmonious and productive life.
-To promote and conserve the natural environment.
-To provide support for development, promotion and maintenance of the rich culture and traditions of the country.
- To provide support to vulnerable groups in terms of psychological and mental well-being.
-To provide support to needy charitable centres, organizations, institutions & individuals.
Profile/Status of CSOs in Bhutan
Mutual Benefit Organizations (MBOs)
Name of CSO
Registration date
Brief purpose & objectives of the organization
Guide Association of Bhutan
-To promote & protect the common interest of the tour guides and their profession; enhancing the qualitative and professional knowledge & skills of such guides.
Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators
-To develop & promote the Bhutanese tourism & travel industry with highest standards of service, ethics & professionalism in line with the noble vision of Gross National Happiness.
-To effectively represent and promote the general interests of Bhutanese tour operators in the national, regional and international travel & tour industry, etc.
Association of Bhutanese Industries
-Creating a conducive and vibrant environment in the country to foster the growth of private and public industries through dialogue with the Government and other agencies on issues that otherwise constrain the growth of industries; Create a common platform whereby members could raise their concerns and issues to one single reference (Association) as the medium to represent them to relevant Government/private agencies, etc.
Handicrafts Association of Bhutan
-To promote, encourage & assist in the development of the Handicrafts industry in Bhutan; to act as the liaison with the Government departments, BCCI, other mercantile public bodies and various foreign and local associations to promote measures in the interest of the handicrafts trade; capture international markets through adaptation & diversification of products etc.
Association of Foreign Workers Recruitment Agency of Bhutan
(Certificate of Registration is Suspended by Anti-Corruption Commission)
-To streamline the inflow and outflow of foreign workers properly and timely by the relevant sectors in line with Government regulations; provide uniform, identical quality & time bound service delivery to Bhutanese consumers, provide job opportunities to Bhutanese youth and to bring all Foreign Workers Recruitment Agencies of Bhutan under one umbrella and develop a uniform working system
(Voluntary Artists’ Studio of  Thimphu)
To provide a physical space and nurture the creative talents of the Bhutanese youth (In School Youth and Out of School Youth), to learn how to decipher the moral and ethical values concealed in works of art and how to put those morals into a personal perspective, while also examining tem in the context of the artists own beliefs, to promote volunteerism for both personal and general sobering , to spread social awareness through art, to the importance of Bhutan’s rich cultural heritage and tradition through art etc
Gaedsho Lhayi Drangsong Tshogpa
-To endeavor to ensure the welfare of the senior citizens in general and its members in particular based on the pillars of Gross National Happiness, to promote the well being of its members, to work in the interest of the society at large and to promote GNH in the Bhutan, etc.
Hotel & Restaurant Association of Bhutan
-To represent the interests of the members, foster their economic and professional growth while uplifting standards of hotels and restaurants contributing towards sustainable development of tourism in Bhutan.
-To act as a voice of the industry to promote, protect, represent and advance the interests of the industry.
-To promote good and friendly relations among the Travel and Tour operators and the member hoteliers.
-To act as a medium on behalf of the member hoteliers and liaison with the various Government departments regarding issues with look into the interest of all hoteliers of Bhutan.
-To render assistance and to provide common services to the members etc.
Journalists Association of Bhutan
-To promote the right to information, freedom of expression and media
-To Maintain and promote ethical journalism and also to protect and defend journalists from threats, harassments, attacks from interest groups.
-To enhance the quality of journalism in Bhutan
-To develop and implement the journalists codes of ethics
-To Explore opportunities to advance the profession of journalism and also to support journalists who are injured/disabled and provide compensatory grants to those killed in the line of duty etc.
Film Association of Bhutan
-To unite everyone working in the film industry under one umbrella to become one voice and one force and lobby for the development of the film industry.
-To represent the interest of the Bhutanese film industry in the national and international platforms and forums.
-To protect and promote the interest of every form of film and every profession of the film industry.
-To assist in the implementation of the national film policy to foster the growth and development of the film industry as envisioned by the policy.
-To liaise with relevant entities and donor agencies in developing the industry and promote all forms of film through training, production funds, festivals, awards etc.
-To work closely with line ministries and regulatory authorities to act as a nodal agency between the filmmakers and government agencies.
-To assist in the implementation of the national film policy to foster the growth and development of the film industry as envisioned by the policy.
To promote and protect the professions of the film industry through comprehensive rules and regulations.