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P.O. Box: 0203
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Address: Tarayana Building Chubachu

Executive Director

Full Name: Chimi Zangmo
Mobile No.: +975 17112454
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Focal Person

Full Name: Zuki Nima
Mobile No.: +975 17265449
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CSO Purpose

Because the concept of GNH strongly advocates achieving a harmonious balance between the material and non-material dimensions of development, art education can help youth foster the value of tradi- tion and creativity while improving cognitive development and advancement. If the ideals of GNH necessarily imply that a broader strategy and focus be one that places people at the centre of develop- ment, children and youth must be given a special place where a special approach can be taken toward their development. A CSO that can further an opportunity that allows children to observe, analyze and express themselves in a relevant and contemporary manner is not out of place. Arts can ingrain a sense of harmony between art, culture and development, while enhancing their ability to approach the future with con dence and well rounded approaches, thereby contributing to GNH.

CSO Objective

-To provide a physical space and nurture the creative talents of the Bhutanese youth (In School Youth and Out of School Youth); - To learn how to decipher the moral and ethical values concealed in works of art and how to put those morals into a personal perspective, while also examining them in the context of the artists’ own beliefs; - To promote volunteerism for both personal and general sobering - To spread social awareness through art - To promote the importance of Bhutan’s rich cultural heritage and tradition through art

Financial Summary

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