Phensem Parents Support Group Bhutan


Fixed Phone No.: +975 00000000
Email Address:
P.O. Box: NA
Mobile No.: +975 17607554
Address: G P VILLA Flat No. 01, Drodren Lam, Kawang Damisa, Lower Motithang, Thimphu

Executive Director

Full Name: Karma Sonam Dorji
Mobile No.: +975 17607554
Email Address:

Focal Person

Full Name: Roshni Rai
Mobile No.: +975 17360735
Email Address:

CSO Purpose

1. Equip and empower parents and families to become better advocates for their children and persons with disabilities to ensure positive changes and quality of lives of both children and persons with disabilities, their parents and families; 2. Identify and address gaps in the transition through life-cycle of children and persons with disabilities, which are not covered by other agencies and stakeholders, to ensure smooth transition and progression in their lives and make them, to the extent possible, active members in the society; and 3. Create a common platform for parents where the parents and family members could raise their concerns and issues to one single entity to voice and lobby with relevant agencies for solution and action.

CSO Objective

• Equip and empower parents and families of children and persons with disabilities through trainings, workshops, meetings, peer network support, to help better understand their children/sibling/family members; • Identify gaps and devise mechanisms to address concerns together to improve the quality of their lives; • To help families understand and accept their life situation and make the best of it through peer-counseling, experience sharing, self-care etc. • Make parents or family members aware of the policy and legal environment, the rights and the redressal mechanisms available and influence public policy and program development to advance the rights of children and persons with disabilities and their families; • Collaborate with government and relevant stakeholders, institutions and the society at large to improve life opportunities for children and persons with disabilities and their families in terms of social acceptance, policy & legal framework development, education, health care, employment and community engagement; and • Create linkage or sister networks with other regional and international parent support groups to exchange ideas, expand knowledge and other experiences.

Financial Summary

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