Bhutan Taxi Association


Fixed Phone No.: +975 77959577
Email Address:
P.O. Box: 190
Mobile No.: +975 77118910
Address: Flat # 7, Yarkay Central, Norzin Lam, THIMPHU

Executive Director

Full Name: Rinchen Lethro
Mobile No.: +975 77118910
Email Address:

Focal Person

Full Name: Rinzin Chophel
Mobile No.: +975 17907990
Email Address:

CSO Purpose

The Bhutan Taxi Association aims to be a representative body of the taxi drivers all over Bhutan. The Association would work towards providing effective and efficient public service by being responsible. The Association endeavours to be a transparent body accountable to the community.

CSO Objective

1) To advance, promote and protect the interest of members i.e. the taxi drivers in particular and the taxi industry in general; 2) To represent its members at all levels of the government and the private sector, by advocating for laws and policies conducive to the growth and development of the taxi industry; 3) To ensure fair labour practice by all its members, and in the process promoting the interests of all members; 4) To encourage, promote and improve road safety education, public service and human relations on all the taxi operations, particularly the taxi drivers; 5) To encourage, promote and improve the standard of living and quality of life of its members; 6) To contribute to the growth of the country’s economy by collaborating with entrepreneurship, as well as creating employment opportunities; 7) To take all steps necessary to preclude any kind of misconduct on the part of members and to report such misconduct to the concerned authorities and to take further steps (be it warning, suspension, and/or expulsion) of defaulting members as may be deemed necessary; 8) To raise funds for the BTA by any legal means and apply such funds for the purpose of furthering the identified aims and objectives; 9) To apply all funds for the purpose of giving effect to the objectives of the BTA and, to invest funds in suitable financial institutions and in addition, acquire by purchase, lease, immovable and movable property; 10) To abide by a Code of Ethics and apply disciplinary procedures in respect of transgression of the Code of Ethics and to amend the rules as and when necessary; 11) To promote education and skills development; 12) To render support in terms of economic imbalances, if any, in the transport industry; and, 13) To work towards building a responsible and credible taxi industry.

Financial Summary

Financial Year Income Expenditure Audited Financial Statement

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