Barnyard Bhutan Animal Rescue and Sanctuary


Fixed Phone No.: +975 17641224
Email Address:
P.O. Box: 00
Mobile No.: +975 17641224
Address: Lango, Chukhaside, Way to Sangchoekor, Paro
Toll Free No.: -1
Fax: -1

Executive Director

Full Name: Jamie Vaughan
Mobile No.: +975 17661224
Email Address:

Focal Person

Full Name: Jamie Vaughan
Mobile No.: +975 17641224
Email Address:

CSO Purpose

To provide rescue, care, treatment, and sanctuary for all in-need non-human animals and delivering, promoting and supporting more compassionate, comprehensive and innovative veterinary care for and humane treatment, protection and rehabilitation of non-human animals within the Kingdom of Bhutan.

CSO Objective

1. To operate the animal rescue center, shelter, and sanctuary in Paro known as "The Barnyard Bhutan Animal Rescue & Sanctuary", and to establish and operate affiliate centers throughout Bhutan; 2. To provide care, comfort, nutrition, shelter, rescue services, treatment, and protection for all ill, injured, orphaned, abandoned, unfit, and neglected non-human animals; 3. To rescue, protect, and prevent abuse and mistreatment and illegal slaughter of non-human animals; 4. To implement and support programs to encourage kind and responsible treatment of animals; 5. To specialize in all aspects of equine care, rescue, treatment, and advocacy; 6. To provide and support programs for animal owners in routine and preventative care; 7. To support and assist in maintaining the health and managing populations of pet and stray dogs through sterilization efforts, routine healthcare, affordable vaccine programs and adoption programs; 8. To assist government agencies, veterinary hospitals and groups in developing programs for the humane care and treatment of working and service animals and livestock; 9. To support authorities, individuals and like-minded organizations with equipment, diagnostics, facilities, rescue, treatment, rehabilitation, and prosthetic devices for non-human animals; 10. To initiate and support the development of laws and other instruments to protect the health, treatment, rights and wellbeing of animals; 11. To develop and foster relationships with veterinarians and specialists for on-site or remote consultation, instruction, advice, and training opportunities on veterinary matters for animals in Bhutan; 12. To involve paid and volunteer foreign vets, vet assistants, and specialists in accordance with relevant laws and Immigration policies in Bhutan, for staffing, complex emergency surgeries, training workshops and/or other life-saving, diagnostic, and educational initiatives; 13. To purchase or otherwise acquire, and own, hold, operate, maintain, repair, improve, sell, convey, exchange, lease, pledge, mortgage and otherwise deal with and dispose of any kind of real or personal property or interests in connection with the purposes of the Association; 14. To obtain financing and receive donations, grants and other gifts of money or property, and engage in fundraising projects and activities to raise and obtain money for the purpose of furthering the objects and purposes of the Association; and 15. To administer and manage the money and property of the Association to further the objects and purposes of the Association.

Financial Summary

Financial Year Income Expenditure Audited Financial Statement

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