Ability Bhutan Society


Fixed Phone No.: +975 02340747
Email Address: absbhutan@gmail.com
P.O. Box: 1715
Mobile No.: +975 17128798
Website: www.absbhutan.org
Address: Upper Motithang Thimphu: Bhutan

Executive Director

Full Name: Ugyen Wangchuk
Mobile No.: +975 17128798
Email Address: kotaugyen@gmail.com

Focal Person

Full Name: Sonam Choetsho
Mobile No.: +975 17277010
Email Address: choetshoabs@gmail.com

CSO Purpose

Ability Bhutan Society (ABS) is a public benefit organization founded on the recognition that persons living with moderate to severe diverse abilities, primarily children and their families have special needs. 1) Enhancing the quality life of individuals living with moderate to severe diverse abilities. 2) Advocating and creating awareness of the right of the people living with diverse abilities in Bhutanese Society. 3) Developing core group of dedicated, committed and trained social workers and care givers. 4) providing direct interventions to enhance the capabilities of people with differing abilities.

CSO Objective

1} create a purpose-built National facility with regional level care center staffed with highly qualified care providers; 2} Advocate inclusion of persons living with diverse abilities in the Bhutanese society. 3} Ensure accessibilities to public and services to widen the opportunities for participation of persons living with moderate to severe diverse abilities in society to their fullest potentials. 4} Develop the professional skills of ABS social workers through training, exchange programmes and educational developments. 5} support families, care givers and families of persons living with moderate to severe diverse abilities through educational and psycho-social support. 6} create network with sister organizations for cooperation and sharing experiences; 7} Ensure that ABS has sustainable funding and appropriate organizational skills at all levels.

Financial Summary

Financial Year Income Expenditure Audited Financial Statement
2018-06-27 9311847.78 4983613.99 Download  

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