Bhutan Animal Rescue and Care


Fixed Phone No.: +975 77103517
Email Address:
P.O. Box: P.O. Box 120 - Thimp
Mobile No.: +975 17605878
Address: BARC animal rescue centre Yoeselpang

Executive Director

Full Name: Kinlay Gyaltshen
Mobile No.: +975 17338844
Email Address:

Focal Person

Full Name: Hendrik Visser
Mobile No.: +975 17605878
Email Address:

CSO Purpose

The purpose of the BARC is to promote the welfare and health of animals, which is therefore central to the work of the Association. The BARC's primary beneficiaries are animals, while Humans and society at large are secondary beneficiaries. The two main goals of the BARC are thus: a) To protect the welfare of animals in the broadest sense and to promote and represent their interest. The BARC bases its existence and actions on the intrinsic value of animals, independent from the utility value which animals may have for humans. Animals are sentient beings with feelings, consciousness and integrity and need to be treated with respect, kindness and compassion; b) To promote the healthy co-existence of animals and humans and to stimulate the progression of a society based on Gross National Happiness where animal welfare is an important pillar of societal progress.

CSO Objective

The BARC aims to achieve these goals and objectives through the use of all legal and appropriate means and strategies, which include amongst others the following (but not excluding others): Promoting a GNH-based Society with compassion for animals a) To stimulate the respectful engagement with animals by all and to empower people to do acts of kindness and compassion in action towards animals; b) To stimulate and promote values and norms in society which respect and appreciate the intrinsic value of animals, which promote compassion and kindness towards animals and which endorse the interdependence of wellbeing and happiness of humans and nature; c) To discourage and counter activities in society which prevent or limit an attitude of kindness and compassion towards animals and which prevent the growth of consciousness on the moral aspects of the relationship between humans and animals; d) To make public and advocate value based declarations, which assist in achieving the goals of the Association as stated in section 3.1 above; Animal Rescue and Treatment Services - Animal Welfare e) The establishment, management and sustenance of necessary animal welfare centres/facilities for sheltering and medical treatment of stray animals, wild life and pets; f) To provide veterinary medical services, to support and conduct sterilisation campaigns for street dogs, to provide emergency in-situ medical services and to establish an ambulance service; g) To provide wildlife rescue and shelter services and wildlife re-integration programmes; h) To develop volunteer participation for animal welfare activities within Bhutan; i) To establish an international volunteer network and working arrangement in Bhutan for animal welfare and veterinary professional volunteers in support to the work of the Association; j) To support the development of appropriate curricula on animal welfare and veterinary services in education institutes in Bhutan; Awareness, Networking and Dialogue k) To establish networks and promote collaboration with other likeminded organisations, in Bhutan as well as abroad; l) To arrange lectures and to publish pamphlets, books, journals and other publications relating to the work of the Association. m) To create dialogue with the public sector, political establishment, scientific and education institutions and the private sector; n) To develop fundraising strategies for sustaining and expanding the NGO services over time; o) To conduct demonstrative and promotional actions in support of the goals, objectives and policies of the association, including education-, awareness-, advocacy- and lobbying campaigns; p) To initiate and promote the development and institutionalisation of laws, policies and regulations which support achieving the goals and objectives of the Association; q) To support enforcement of legal frameworks in the area of animal welfare protection, as well as to conduct activities to directly protect animals

Financial Summary

Financial Year Income Expenditure Audited Financial Statement
2019-12-31 5094802.08 4005014.69 Download  
2018-12-31 2543173.00 2127633.00 Download  
2017-12-31 1978.00 1555.00 Download  

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