Ogyen Choling Foundation


Fixed Phone No.: +975 77352348
Email Address: wrjakar@gmx.ch
P.O. Box: PO Box1445
Mobile No.: +975 77352348
Website: www.oling.bt
Address: ogyen choling, Tang, Bumthang

Executive Director

Full Name: Kunzang Choden
Mobile No.: +975 17641464
Email Address: kunzangcr@gmail.com

Focal Person

Full Name: Walter Roder
Mobile No.: +975 77352348
Email Address: wrjakar@gmx.ch

CSO Purpose

To contribute to the preservation and promotion of Bhutan’s cultural and traditional heritage and in so doing also support the social and economic well-being of the local community

CSO Objective

Preserve and maintain the original buildings, temples and structures of the Ogyen Choling complex; Facilitate and support the performance of traditional religious rituals and cultural observances of the local community; Maintain and manage a museum through which current and future generations can learn about Bhutan’s religious, cultural and architectural heritage; Create employment opportunities for the local people and market for local agricultural produce and handicraft products; Provide grants to disadvantaged families and individuals within the community in times of need, and to deserving children to pursue education or training at all levels.

Financial Summary

Financial Year Income Expenditure Audited Financial Statement
2019-12-31 3671620.00 3132083.00 Download  
2018-12-31 1940420.00 1971807.00 Download  

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