Menjong Foundation


Fixed Phone No.: +975 02337627
Email Address:
P.O. Box: 445
Mobile No.: +975 17637947
Address: Norzin Lam

Executive Director

Full Name: Khenpo Phub Yeshi
Mobile No.: +975 77745900
Email Address:

Focal Person

Full Name: Tenzin Dorji
Mobile No.: +975 17637947
Email Address:

CSO Purpose

Menjong Foundation is Non-profit organization working for the purpose of helping and inspiring hopes with a new approach to meet the needs of poor people living in the remote areas of Bhutan. With no motive for profit, the Foundation's work is intended to provide free public services. Bhutan is on the belief that the primary purpose of development is to achieve GNH and thus, Menjong Foundation takes this collective responsibility to ensure that our nation remains true to this philosophy with our ambitious objectives which supplements and complements the four pillars of GNH. Despite the establishment of pro-poor development strategy pursued by the government and other foundation, small rural areas and communities still lack medical services, school necessities and socioeconomic development aspects. Hence, Menjong Foundation was established in 2011 to make difference in the lives of individual and communities, to contribute equitable and sustainable development, good governance, and also to help preservation of culture, tradition, nature and environment in Bhutan.

CSO Objective

A. Education support. - Provide scholarship. - provide stationery . - provide warm meal to the poor children. provide uniforms, shoes, etc... B. Provide Health care. - support needy patients . - Facilitated access to medical services. C. Preserve Culture and Religion. -Train young people to have values. -Raise funds for the restoration of important culture heritage after any natural disaster. - Organize events in communities and villages to help revitalize and to protect loss of any ancient village traditions and culture. D. Environment Protection. - Waste management awareness. -Cleaning campaign. -Tree plantation and protection of forests. E. To Provide -Socio-Economic Development. -Provide technical skills to rural people. -provide shelter by building price worth houses for the homeless. -provide clean drinking water by setting up water tanks.

Financial Summary

Financial Year Income Expenditure Audited Financial Statement
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